Real Madrid contact Eden Hazard’s representatives


The Spaniards have set their sights on the Belgian forward as one of the reinforcements they will make over the summer. Hazard has refused two offers to renew with Chelsea.

Eden Hazard could be a little closer to joining Real Madrid. According to Radio Montecarlo, Los Blancos have been made contact with the Chelsea player’s close circle. The fact that Hazard is a player who Zidane regards very highly is a factor in favour of Madrid pressing ahead with the operation. The French broadcaster went on to claim that Hazard has not accepted the two offers which Chelsea have presented him to renew his contract over the past few months, which suggests that his future lies far way from the London-based outfit.

Hazard’s is under contract with Chelsea until 2020. The Premier League side have put two offers on the table to improve his contract. They offered to boost his pay packet to make him the best paid player in the Premier League, earning 17.6 million euros per season, overtaking the salary which Paul Pogba currently earns at Manchester United.

It’s the only way Chelsea see they can keep hold of their star player. Yet Hazard hasn’t accepted the offers he has been presented. Maybe because he has the word that Real Madrid will be putting in an offer for him in over the summer and that’s why the player would prefer to wait and continues to dream of one day playing for Los Blancos.

Do you we believe we will sign him?